The General Michael Arnaoutis Foundation was set up on the 12th July 1999 inspired by the General's passionate love for his country. He devoted his whole life to doing what he believed was best for his country and indeed gave his life for Greece and for what he thought was right. Despite being in exile, in his heart and in his mind he still lived in Greece and always dreamed of going back to his beloved country. At his request a charitable Foundation had been set up in his name to benefit the children and people of Greece. We have now created a charitable trust registered with the Charity Commission of England & Wales, registered Charity Number 1201619, "The General Michael Arnaoutis Charitable Trust", which is continuing the excellent work started by the Foundation.

Postgraduate Scholarships

In the year 2001 the Foundation began one of its long term objectives i.e. to give Post Graduate Scholarships to Greek Students to study abroad. So far, the Foundation has granted 86 Scholarships and the Students have obtained exceptionally high degrees and have gone on to achieve great things. News of all the Scholarship Students can be found on the page called "Scholarship News".

The Trust offers Scholarships in an attempt to provide for the future of Greece in the technical field and with the objective of constructing a more robust future for the Greek economy.

Cerebral Palsy Greece


The Foundation has donated €400,000 to fund the Library in the Society’s new “Open Door” Centre for Education and Rehabilitation at Argyroupolis on the outskirts of Athens. The Library is named after the General and forms an important hub in the Centre which is enjoyed by children and adults with cerebral palsy of all ages who have their lessons and reading sessions there. The Foundation has given an ongoing commitment to provide books and materials for the students and for local children who also have the use of the Library. There was a grand opening of the Centre in December 2001 in the presence of the President of the Republic. Mrs Arnaoutis spends time at the Centre every time she is in Greece and loves being there.

The Fire Brigade


In the year 2000 there were extensive earthquakes in Greece with a number of deaths and huge financial loss. The Foundation immediately contacted the Greek Fire Brigade to see whether it could help, first in the immediate situation and for prevention in the future. The Foundation was asked to donate a sum towards purchasing machinery for use in such disasters to unearth people covered by debris in buildings. The Foundation donated €6000 to the Greek Fire Brigade to purchase such machines.

Schools in Areopolis and Florina

The Trust has given so far a total of 65 prizes to schools in the two towns of Florina and Areopolis as an additional incentive for young students to excel in their studies and promote education at an early age. These prizes have been awarded, at the end of each academic year, to the three children who obtain the highest marks in their schools.


In the year 2003, the entire Greek society watched in horror its most tragic road accident of all times. Twenty-one young lives where lost in the Tempe area, while traveling back to their homes from a school trip. The whole country was left speechless and devastated. The Foundation expressed its sympathy to the children’s families by helping in the funding of the building of a school hall in commemoration of these lost students.

2007 Forest Fires

During the months of July and August 2007 wild fires burned uncontrollably in Greece destroying in houses and causing the deaths of 64 Greek Citizens and members of the Greek Fire Brigade who courageously attempted to save lives. People, forests, wild life, houses and properties were reduced to ashes in just a few days. The Pelopponese was the area that suffered the most from this disaster and the Foundation decided to assist through the form of a substantial donation of ¤30,000 to the town of Areopolis, the birth place of the General, in order to purchase a Fire Engine to prevent future disasters.

General Arnaoutis

A great Hero and Patriot

He guarded his own Thermopilea


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